The backbone of any army, vehicles are cheap and easy to mass produce. As a result, a lot more advancements are made in this area than any other, often producing units that could potentially change the outcome of an entire battle.

The units here are Infusion Designs attempt at following this trend of versatile vehicles that fulfill the ever changing needs of the battlefield.

Arm Settler - added 26/01/06

Unlike current light anti-air units, the Settler uses the same weapon system as its more advanced brother (the Phalanx), but lightened to increase production speed. This means that the Settler to be more expensive than other light anti-air units but is available when enemy air raids commence.

Built by the Vehicle Plant.

Unit made by Matmanvvs18
Arm Rhino - added 27/06/06

Designed as a counter to the formidable Core Goliath, this tank will be able to stand its ground when faced with heavy resistance, making it ideal for defending key resources or tearing down enemy installations. Limited to only ground based weapons, the Rhino is a large target that gunships will easily take advantage of if there isn't proper air support escorting it into battle.

Built by the Advanced Vehicle Plant.

Unit made by Matmanvvs18
Core Inquisitor - added 26/01/06

Stolen from Arm, the Inquisitor is cores answer to the increased number of air raids emanating from arm bases as a result of the Settlers deployment on the battlefield. This allows for Core to gain an early lead in air superiority when trying to gain a foothold in enemy territory.

Built by the Vehicle Plant.

Unit made by Matmanvvs18
Light Flakker Pack - added 26/01/06

Combining the power of both light flakker units, this pack allows for both arm and core to defend newly acquired airspace quickly, potentially changing the outcome of a battle. Both units are equally matched due to them following the same design trend, of using advanced flakker technology and making a version that is easy to mass produce at lower tech levels.

These are ideal for when rockets are no longer sufficient to prevent enemy air forces from attacking.

Built by Arm and Core Vehicle Plants.

Units made by Matmanvvs18