What is Infusion Designs? A Brief History

Infusion Designs (ID) is a website created by Zodius, a member of TAUniverse since June 2005. Originally Zodius was making just a small number of units for TA but when it was suggested that he create a dedicated website, Infusion Designs was born. You can find out more about Infusion Designs' inception in the Heavy Aircraft Thread at TAUniverse.

Where does the name come from? Well, the idea was that all of ID's units would be a fusion of OTA quality models with advanced animation scripts. This is certainly true of Zodius' first unit; the Arm Sprite.

A few units later ID got a new member. Matmanvvs18 is our resident Build Pic maker and has also produced some unique OTA units including the Hornet, which features proudly in the TA:Devolution mod by Boogie.

After this time development of units slowly declined with units being created but never being fully released. The majority of these have made their way into mods such as the TA Works Project. In particular, TAWP is the only mod to feature the most advanced form of Zodius' True Walk Script, on its most powerful unit no less, the Core Cyberoth.

Despite Infusion Designs no longer being active, its work lives on and will hopefully continue to do so for years to come.

Members and Associates

Zodius Infuser :: Founder of Infusion Designs and creator of some of the more unique units, as well as developing the entire True Walk Script system.

Matmanvvs18 :: First member to join Infusion Designs. A good all round unit maker.

Wraithlord42 :: A temporary member, providing unit feedback as well as balancing support.

Rampage :: The last active member of MAD:TA. Creator of many great units, including the Karganeth.

Zwzsg :: Considered by many to be the best scriptor ever to have entered the realms of TA, producing many systems that were believed to be impossible within the Total Annihilation engine.

TheRegisteredOne :: The best OTA quality Build Pic maker in the community. Now working on his own high quality faction, the Talon Race at TA:Cataclysm.

Wotan :: Inspiration and rival. Has worked for many years on the TA Works Project modification, producing many unique units including an entire third technology tier.

DannyU :: He has helped with many project ideas as well as producing Build Pics when needed.