Zarganeth is Here!

Posted by Zodius - Sun 23 Apr 2006, 8:26 AM

After months of development the Zarganeth is finally ready for public release!

The Zarganeth is a modified version of MAD TA's great Karganeth Assault Kbot. What sets it apart from the Karganeth is the use of a radical new walking system that offers increased speed and maneuverability. This is all down to it being the first unit to feature the True Walk Script system, offering realistic animation on large kbots.

To try out this new phase in kbot development, go to the Zbots page in our units section or download it from Unit Universe.

Both the Zarganeth and Karganeth are provided for you to compare the differences between the two animation systems. Due to their size, the Karganeth Gantry is provided specifically for their construction, and is built by the Core Advanced Construction Kbot. Note that the Zarganeth requires a custom Moveinfo.tdf in order to navigate correctly.

Experience the future of kbots!!

Light Flakkers

Posted by Zodius - Thu 26 Jan 2006, 12:54 PM

Infusion Designs new member has been very busy since he joined a few days ago. Matmanvvs18 has designed, created and released two brand new vehicles for you to get your teeth into.

The Arm Settler and Core Inquisitor are Tech Level 1 mobile flakker vehicles. Offering good air support both these units sport a powerful flakker turret able to easily take down enemy air raids during the early stages of conflict. Although expensive in comparison to other anti-air units at Tech Level 1, their accuracy and power more than makes up for it, especially when upgrading to Tech Level 2 is not viable.

To download these units, head over to the Vehicles section where they can either be downloaded separately, or together as part of the Light Flakker Pack.

Look forward to more releases from ID in the near future.

We Have A New Member!

Posted by Zodius - Sun 22 Jan 2006, 6:35 AM

Matmanvvs18 has fled from the realm of TA:Cataclysm to join the ranks here at ID, bringing two new units along with him.

Both for Arm, these aircraft give a tactical edge against any core foe. The Hornet is a light gunship that is ideal for taking out defenceless metal extractors or even small attack forces. The Apache is an advanced helicopter gunship that is ideally suited to tasks that the Hornet, or indeed the Brawler can't handle.

To download these units, head over to the Aircraft page or download them from Unit Universe.

Expect more unique units coming from ID, now there are two unit makers!

Sprite Beta!!

Posted by Zodius - Thu 17 Nov 2005, 2:24 PM

After a long wait, the Tech Level 3 Missile Gunship is ready for its final beta thanks to the brilliant balancing skills of Artalion.

Some minor changes are still required, but now is the time where feedback is really needed. So head over to the Aircraft page to download the Sprite now!

More aircraft are in the works here, so stay tuned

We're Alive!

Posted by Zodius - Wed 26 Oct 2005, 11:28 AM

Welcome the first, of what will hopefully be many, Infusion Designs news posts. Seeing as this is a new site, it makes sense to show off some of the units that are currently in the pipeline and that you will all be playing with in the not to distant future.


The founding reason behind ID was so that advanced units, aircraft in particular can be made to make the air forces in Total Annihilation become a force to be reckoned with. To achieve this a special factory is needed, and what better place to put it than in the Sky along with the units it constructs.

As the picture shows, the Flying Air Base for Arm will be a factory that will be able to hover above the landscape allowing land based forces to pass underneath, while at the same time be able to produce some very advanced aircraft, such as the Sprite missile gunship. In addition to construction, the idea is that this factory will also be able to suspend aircraft within the open cavity allowing them to be repaired, but not interfere with new aircraft constructions.

More information about this and other units can be found in the Future of TA thread.

The Beam Bomber

One of the early aircraft concepts that was discussed here was the Beam Bomber, an aircraft able to move around at a reasonable speed but unable to attack whilst in flight. In order to attack this aircraft would hover over its target and transform, changing its configuration to allow for a beam cannon to emerge. This would then fire directly downwards producing a devastating effect reminiscent of that in the move Independence Day.

Above is the initial concept design produced my the TA community member BobbyJones44. Recently this member returned back to the community, bringing with him a radically different model that Infusion Designs will now attempt to turn into a fully working unit.

This unit will join the many other aircraft that are in the works here, such as the Prometheus.

The Rapture

Another area which hasn't had that much development is the Kbot class of units. This seem like the ideal task for Infusion Designs, however kbots are some of the most difficult units to make in the entire game so this won't be easy. It is hoped that ID's first kbot will look like the Raptor from the world of BattleTech.

In addition to looking like the image above, this new kbot will be sporting a new animation system that is being worked on here, that will hopefully not only make it easier to make kbots, but provide a more realistic feel.

The Prometheus

The Prometheus has been discussed may times within the forum. The idea is that this unit will be an aircraft able to act as a mobile hovering artillery platform able to be positioned anywhere and deal considerable damage to enemy forces. In addition to this, a new idea has been introduced that will make this unit a force to be reckoned with.

When this unit lands it will be able to deploy landing gear and be able to fire long range missiles at incoming enemies while being completely safe from any anti-air defences. As impressive as the eyecandy is, I have tested it and this feature does indeed work within game, so look forward to the first beta of this unit shortly.

A considerably large news post I admit, but worth it in the end. Feel free to comment on any of this in the Infusion Designs Forum