One of the initial tasks that Infusion Designs set itself was that of expanding each of the current unit categories to include a third tier technology level. Aircraft were the main focus of this effort, as in comparison to other categories they are relatively weak.

The result of this effort was a series of aircraft that either fill roles in existing levels, or that attempt to add something new to the game in the third tier level.

Arm Hornet - added 21/01/06

The Hornet is the baby brother of Arms Tech 2 Gunship, the Brawler. Produced by a standard aircraft plant this unit is capable of being produced in good time in order to snipe out enemy construction zones, or they can become ideal for rushing the enemy if enough are massed at the beginning of a match.

Unit made by Matmanvvs18 :: Texturing by TheRegisteredOne
Arm Apache - added 21/01/06

The Apache is a Tech 2 Chopper constructed by its own special helicopter pad. Although weak on its own, when enough are produced they are easily capable of taking out a well defended base.

The helicopter pad can be built by the Advanced Construction Aircraft.

Unit made by Matmanvvs18 :: Texturing by TheRegisteredOne
Arm Sprite - added 23/07/05

The Sprite is the first of what is hoped will be many Tech 3 aircraft.

Relatively large in comparison to existing aircraft, this contraption is built upon a strong VTOL frame allowing it to remain stationary in the air for extended periods without need to land. Armed with 4 heavy missile pods, the Sprite is able to fire a series of high yield warheads at the enemy. This makes it great for first strikes as it is often able to launch its missiles before reaching its target. Once called into a battle it behaves in the same manner as a gunship, allowing it to quickly change targets without needing to perform another flyby.

As no Tech 3 aircraft plant exists at present, the Sprite is constructed from the Advanced Aircraft Plant, and will hover above the factory once complete.

Unit made by Zodius :: Original Texturing by Mad_Bovine - Build Pic by TheRegisteredOne