Beta releases are perhaps the most useful of all unit releases, allowing for feedback on the units to be made before final decisions are base. In the case of Infusion Designs beta releases show what could potentially be possible within Total Annihilation, particularly ideas that at the time were not being considered by the general TA community.

These beta releases are provided as is with the sole aim of allowing others to take their concepts and improve upon them so that the whole community can benefit

Arm Prometheus - added 23/04/06

The Prometheus is an extremely unique aircraft, in that it has been designed to allow Arm to perform long range artillery bombardment from anywhere within their air space.

Based upon the same VTOL frame as the Sprite, the Prometheus is able to fire long range guided missiles from well out of danger causing considerable damage. In addition when hovering it is able to divert energy from its forward jets in order to power two rapid firing plasma cannons mounted at the ends of its forward wings. One of the crafts more unique abilities beyond its artillery capabilities is its specialised landing gear. These legs allow for the Prometheus to land making it safe against anti-air defence, whilst at the same time still being able to fire its long range missiles, making it a serious threat to any enemy forces.

Note that as this is a beta release, the plasma artillery is not operational, however the long range missiles (as well as landing gear) are fully operational. Built by the Advanced Aircraft Plant.

Unit made by Zodius :: Build Pic by TheRegisteredOne
Arm Flying Air Base - added 23/04/06

The Flying Air Base was Infusion Designs attempt at creating a flying factory that could build Tech 3 aircraft. Although the unit itself worked, the concept was ultimately a failure due to the limitations of Total Annihilation at the time. Recent advancements into the area of construction teleportation have been made that would allow for this, but such technology hasn't been applied to this unit.

The unit itself can be built by the Advanced Construction Aircraft and Commander, but is not set up to build anything.

Unit made by Zodius
Arm Condor - added 23/07/05

The Condor is a very early concept that has never been fully realised. The idea was to produce a large aircraft that could transport multiple units whilst keeping them visible, and therefore able to fire. This Assault Dropship would then be able to fly into a heavily defended base unload its cargo and leave again.

Additional abilities such as automatic transportation were considered but were never implemented. Treat this unit purely as a loose proof of concept and not something that should really be used in real matches. Built by the Advanced Aircraft Plant.

Unit made by Zodius
Generator Pack - added 31/08/06

The Generator Pack is a collection of Tech 3 structures that provide a defencive role.

  • Arm Force Field Generator

    The Force Field Generator is a large structure that requires a large amount of energy to activate. When activated it is able to produce an electromagnetic pulse that extends outwards from its core causing damage to all enemy units it comes in contact with, whilst leaving your own units unarmed. The generator may automatically activate if an enemy comes in range, but there exists a substantial activation time.

  • Core Storm Generator

    Intended as the Cores version to the Force Field Generator. Via the use of a large ionised sphere, the Storm Generator is able to produce a storm cloud anywhere in its operational radius that can take out key enemy units either manually or automatically.

  • Core Shield Generator

    A prototype Shield Generator that is able to produce a weapon dampening field within its operational radius destroying any projectiles (except special penetrating ones) regardless of faction. Although it requires a lot to power it, it allows for key sections of a base to be protected from artillery bombardments. An arm version of this is also included in the pack but is not as refined as the core version

    Note that this prototype has been enhanced upon by others and the shield technology now features in two main Total Annihilation Modifications.

  • Core Antimatter-Reactor

    A powerful reactor that takes a long time to build, but once built is able to produce extreme amounts of energy, as well as having the option to convert some of that energy directly into metal.

    Although the unit itself hasn't progressed beyond this point, the two mods that use shields also use this unit as a basis for their Tech 3 Core Reactors.

This pack is provided in its current state in order for it to be of use to the wider community, such as the two previously mentioned components. No guarantee is made about the packs quality or that it is bug free.

Units made by Zodius :: Scripting by Zwzsg - Build Pics by Matmanvvs18 and TheRegisteredOne